My name is Nissim Malul. I have been in the healing arena for 17 years. Throughout my years I have stumbled upon quite a few powerful supplements and products that create wonders for our body. The problem is that being powerful as they are, they were never priced to be accesible to the wide public, even though ALL people should have them and use them, especially those who really need these magical products, they cannot afford them. I decided to put an end to the notion that if I there is a powerful, organic, magnetic, high vibration, beautiful product people can over-charge for it, no more! Whats the point if not a lot of people can afford to buy these wonderful products???

In this site you will find the best in market supplements, which are also suitable for those who are doing a Candida Diet and are tired of needing to purchase several products to do the job.

Here you get to pay FAIR prices for high-end products that do what they claim, period!

You have come to the right place.

Nissim MalulCertified Hypnotherapist

NLP and TimeLine Therapy Practitioner


Reiki Master

Massage Therapist

Meditation Instructor