Oxy OxC

Oxy-OxC is a Stabilized Oxygen, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. It contains magnesium peroxide in a stabilized aloe vera base that provides energy-giving single oxygen that the body uses to naturally fight infections, degeneration and inflammation. promotes easy, regular bowel activity. And unlike other colon products, Oxy-OxC will not weaken the colon muscle. Oxy-OxC provides superior cleaning ability, yet is safe and gentle on your system.

MSRP $25

Further Details:
OXY-OXC’s magnesium peroxide compound contains detoxification properties that are a revolution in colon care. As the backbone of any successful detoxification diet, OXY-OXC’s multi-tiered approach increases bowel activity and removes old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and oxygenates the entire colon. A unique oxygen/ozone process, released by vitamin C and potentiated with bioflavonoids, sets OXY-OXC apart from other colon products on the market today. 

OXY-OXC cleanses the intestinal tract, allowing room for normal bowel activity. Cleans completely. Psyllium and other fiber products simply push matter out through the center of a clogged colon, whereas OXY-OXC’s detoxification actually breaks down the hardened deposits built up on the colon walls and facilitates easy, regular elimination. Best of all, unlike other colon products, OXY-OXC will not weaken the colon muscle. OXY-OXC provides superior cleaning ability, yet is safe and gentle on all systems.